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Activ H-Trunk x Liquid (Combo)

Rs. 1,679.00
Product Description


● 78% Nylon | 22% Spandex.
● 36TX – Rugged weave for increased strength and stretchability.
● Drytek – Dries quickly inside and out to help absorb sweat and ensures longevity of the garment.
● Nylon fiber – Responsive and resilient as well as relatively resistant to heat, UV rays and chemicals keeping you cool and fresh.
● Moisture – Wicking – Best suited to wipe away sweat from everyday activity.
● Breathable fabric – allows sweat to escape.
● Bacteria resistant – helps keep you and your innerwear odorless.
● Low maintenance- Wrinkle free, stain resistant and shrink proof.


How It Fits – Semi-Compression Fit: hugs the body but is never restrictive. This performance-based DryTek fabric features a snugger, more supportive fit than your everyday underwear.

Made For - Up-tempo training, cardio, and recreational activity. This style incorporates comfort, support, and security to enhance your movement.

Built In TechPerformance based Drytek Tech with 36Tx fabric and Flat Seam.

DRYTEK Technology - a technology that quickly disperses unwanted moisture for a soft, comfy, dry environment. Stay Cool. Stay Comfy.

36Tx Fabric - High tensile rugged weave for extreme stretchability. Well-constructed for durability.
Quick Dry MESH - Micro-dots in this nylon mesh fabric enhance breathability and accelerate drying times. Keeps you comfortable and sweat-free while providing a light layer of warmth and a full range of motion.

Flat Seam Stitch - TRYB flat locked and feed of the arm stitching and flat seams.

Anti-Chaffing - Construction seams are intelligently placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel. Prevents chafing during the most strenuous activities.

Waistband - TRYBs waistband is made from the finest quality micro filament fibre yarn in our roll-resistant waistbands. The comfort is unrivaled and reinforced, to maximize flexibility and feel.

Made From - Moisture-wicking nylon fabric (78%) and Elastane (22%).

In-Seam - 7” inch inseam length.

ColorsBlack Tangerine, Navy Tron

TRYB_Mens_Underwear_Activ_H_Trunk_Features TRYB Mens Underwear - 36Tx Fabric

Customer Reviews

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Why Tryb


“The colors available are fantastic & dont fade even after many washes”

- Ankit Narwal - Professional Boxer

“My TRYB sports innerwear is now part of my daily routine, and the flexibility and the compression it offers me is unmatchable”

- Sahil Lokhande - Pro Badminton Player

“TRYB innerwear with 36TX technology is perfect for match day/practice sessions there is complete freedom in movement during Raids/Catches”

- Nilesh Salunke - Pro Kabaddi player

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