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Running To Stay Fit? Try These Five Tips: A blog about tips on running.

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People run for various reasons. Some run as a hobby, some run from problems, and some run for fitness. Running is extremely effective as part of a fitness regime, but as it is with all things around fitness, it is important to keep at it. Running once in a week, or a month might not make a huge difference, but a regular running routine could make the difference.

Running might seem straightforward, but having an unplanned running routine could sometimes cause more damage than good. So, here are a few running tips to keep in mind as you run towards a fitter life:

Start slow

The popular proverb goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s the same with a regular running routine, especially if you haven’t gone running in a while. You might not be able to run how much expected yourself to on the first try. You might just run a single kilometer or two on your first try but it is important not to lose heart.

Start with a small jog around your neighborhood running track or park and then spread your wings. Starting slow helps your body adjust to the strain of running and slowly helps you build stamina. You could keep increasing how far you run each day and before you notice you will be far further along than when you began!

Be sure to keep up with your strength-training

Running isn’t just about your legs. Your entire body needs to function as a well-oiled machine to ensure that you are able to run. You need your upper body to be strong as well. Do push-ups, a few pull-ups, and some other strength training exercises for your upper body as well. This ensures that your body has the overall stamina to last the entire distance.

Further, it is important to strengthen the muscles in your leg as well. Regular running can take a lot out of your legs. It is important to build those muscles and that resilience in your legs so that your body doesn’t break down. A balance is necessary to keep you going, and strength training for the body helps maintain that balance.

Stay Hydrated

We love sweating out our stress and all the calories we have consumed. But, refueling is important as well. It is easy to lose a lot of fluids while running and you could end up dehydrated quite quickly. Having less water could also affect your muscles, causing cramps and other issues.

It doesn’t need to just be water though. You can have a special electrolyte mix, lemonade or any other energy drink that you find acceptable. This is to ensure that you give the body the fuel it needs to complete the run Keep consuming water or other fluids that replenish everything that you lose while running. Oh and it also helps with stamina!

Create a routine

Having a routine is an important part of any activity. In a world where there are so many distractions a routine is the perfect way to ensure that you do not go off from the path that you have chosen for yourself. If you run early in the morning, then set an effective alarm that wakes you up. If you run in the evening, then set a reminder for yourself.

While it may seem straightforward, the days can slip by quite quickly. That one day break you took from running could turn into a week’s break or even a month’s. So, the safest thing to do is to create a routine and stick to it. But, its always good to take a break when you feel your body needs it!


Have the right equipment/gear

Your body is the most important thing in your quest to get fit. But, the thing that comes next is the gear you use. The wrong gear or clothing could be detrimental to all your efforts. This could range from the right shoe to the right innerwear. It’s important.

So, what needs to go in your running gear kit? 

The perfect running shoes are where things begin. They need to be light and comfortable so that they don’t become a hassle as you begin running over longer distances. Then comes your running wear. A light, comfortable, and effective t-shirt and running pants are important. 

Your innerwear? Well, that’s the most important part. Your body sweats a lot and needs to breathe. Specially designed running innerwear is the way to go. You need to invest as much in your running underwear as you do in other equipment for running. 

And, where do you look for running innerwear? With TRYB of course!



"Symptoms of chafing can start out as a small inconvenience. But, if the symptoms aren’t addressed, they can cause significant discomfort and can even lead to multiple other complication"


What are some running tips for beginners?
Ans. The best running advice includes training your body regularly, staying hydrated, and creating an effective running routine. All of this aids your body and helps you sustain your running over a longer period.

What type of shoes is best for running?
Ans. Shoes that are comfortable are important. Running shoes help with your running posture as well while ensuring that your body is able to sustain the pace over a long distance. 

What type of underwear is best for running?
Ans: Running underwear is an important investment you will make. Choose underwear that is sweatproof, anti-chafing, and specifically built for an athletic lifestyle. You can explore some of our products for this as well. Buying a running underwear is one of the tips before running you will get!

How do TRYB’s products help me in running?
Ans: TRYB’s products are specifically designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our products are made of the best materials and are crafted with care. They prevent chafing and rashes while fitting your body perfectly! Explore our products now. 

How Can You Overcome Chafing?

As highlighted previously, chafing can turn into a serious issue if it isn’t addressed promptly. Moreover, it will impede your daily functioning in a significant manner. Here’s how you can overcome chafing on your own:

  • Avoid strenuous activity until the chafing reduces. We know that you love your workouts, but giving your body a bit of a rest is a key part of ensuring that you are in optimal shape to reach greater heights!
  • Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene! – The only mantra to prevent and heal chafing is to maintain hygiene. Regularly clean vulnerable areas of your body and ensure that you change outfits and footwear regularly. Pro tip: Keep your socks clean!
  • Home remedies include aloe vera gel or a small coating of any kind of petroleum jelly. You could also use any ointment or balm that a professional suggests you use as part of your chafing treatment plan. 

The Role of Proper Clothing in Preventing Chafing

Ill-fitting or non-specialized clothing is a leading cause of chafing among people. Innerwears are the most notorious in this category. Physically exerting yourself or just getting through a strenuous day while wearing regular underwear can cause a lot of discomfort. Regular innerwear is not meant to handle the pressures of extensive exertion.

Specialized innerwear, like the ones TRYB offers, can help an individual overcome issues like chafing. TRYB’s products are specially crafted to enhance athletic performance, prevent the collection of moisture in the groin area, and are bolstered by anti-chafing technology.

While you can overcome chafing, the smart thing to do would be to prevent it from happening in the first place by using our products! Join the TRYB

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