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Activ H-Trunk x Liquid (Combo)

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Know your TRYB


● 78% Nylon | 22% Spandex.

● 36TX – Rugged weave for increased strength and stretchability.

● Drytek – Dries quickly inside and out to help absorb sweat and ensures longevity of the garment.

● Nylon fiber – Responsive and resilient as well as relatively resistant to heat, UV rays and chemicals keeping you cool and fresh.

● Moisture – Wicking – Best suited to wipe away sweat from everyday activity.

● Breathable fabric – allows sweat to escape.

● Bacteria resistant – helps keep you and your innerwear odorless.

● Low maintenance- Wrinkle free, stain resistant and shrink proof.


How It Fits – Semi-Compression Fit: hugs the body but is never restrictive. This performance-based DryTek fabric features a snugger, more supportive fit than your everyday underwear.

Made For – Up-tempo training, cardio, and recreational activity. This style incorporates comfort, support, and security to enhance your movement.

Built In Tech – Performance based Drytek Tech with 36Tx fabric and Flat Seam.

DRYTEK Technology – a technology that quickly disperses unwanted moisture for a soft, comfy, dry environment. Stay Cool. Stay Comfy.

36Tx Fabric – High tensile rugged weave for extreme stretchability. Well-constructed for durability.

Quick Dry MESH – Micro-dots in this nylon mesh fabric enhance breathability and accelerate drying times. Keeps you comfortable and sweat-free while providing a light layer of warmth and a full range of motion.

Flat Seam Stitch – TRYB flat locked and feed of the arm stitching and flat seams

Anti-Chaffing – Construction seams are intelligently placed to avoid potential rub zones for a seamless look and feel. Prevents chafing during the most strenuous activities.

Waistband – TRYBs waistband is made from the finest quality micro filament fibre yarn in our roll-resistant waistbands. The comfort is unrivaled and reinforced, to maximize flexibility and feel.

Made From – Moisture-wicking nylon fabric (78%) and Elastane (22%).

In-Seam – 7” inch inseam length

Colors – Black Tangerine, Navy Tron

TRYB Mens Underwear - 36Tx Fabric
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