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ACTIV – Square Cut (Combo pack)

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Know your TRYB

  • 78% Nylon | 22% Spandex
  • 36TX – Rugged weave for increased strength and stretchability.
  • Drytek – Dries quickly inside and out to help absorb sweat and ensures longevity of the garment.
  • Nylon fibre – Responsive and resilient as well as relatively resistant to heat, UV rays and chemicals keeping you cool and fresh.
  • Moisture – Wicking – Best suited to wipe away sweat from everyday acDvity.
  • Breathable fabric – allows sweat to escape.
  • Bacteria resistant – helps keep you and your innerwear odourless.
  • Low maintenance- Wrinkle free, stain resistant and shrink proof
TRYB Mens Underwear - Features
TRYB Mens Underwear - 36TxFabric
TRYB Mens Underwear - Models Black
TRYB Mens Underwear - Material
TRYB Mens Underwear - Features & Care Instructions

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