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How to Maximize Performance in Your Sports underwear

TRYB Mens Underwear - Sports Innerwear - Testimonial

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What is the best sports underwear? 

Determining the best men’s sports underwear is a very subjective process, but there are a few things about sports performance underwear that most guys can agree on. 


A good underwear should provide support. Runners and other athletes are continuously on the move and at a great pace; they therefore need to support that area and avoid bouncing off things down there.


The activewear underwear needs to be comfortable. This includes the design and fabric used for the product. The design includes the cut and pattern of the underwear to avoid chafing and the breathability of the fabric.


The third most important criteria is the sweat-wicking properties. Modern technology integrated in the innerwears adds features like moisture absorbance to the fabric, along with the gadget pockets; which adds to the special choice preferences of today’s generation.

Different Types of Fabrics

You need to consider two important factors while looking for best underwear material for workout clothes-

  • Moisture control
  • Breathability

Fitting and a good feel are important too, but when it comes to exercise apparel, it is essential to consider the effects of sweat and hot air on the clothes.

Let’s discuss the common fabrics used for workout apparels, what they are best used for and when to use them.


Polyester can be worn pretty much for any kind of workout and any weather.

It is a very common fabric used for fitness clothes. It can be considered as the best underwear material for working out.This is because it is extremely durable, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-free. 

As it is very lightweight and breathable, the sweat evaporates easily through the fabric, making you stay dry and irritation-free.

Polyester is also a great insulator, hence preferred by many brands in cold weather work out apparels in addition to briefs, tees and shorts.


A very common fabric with soft, stretchy and mold and mildew-resistant properties. It is a good fabric for all kinds of workouts and weather conditions. Having a great tendency of recovery, that is to pre-stretch shape and size;it flexes with you as you move. It also has a sweat-wicking property which helps skin to remain dry.


Spandex fabric is popularly known by the brand name Lycra. Possessing properties of stretchability and flexibility, spandex is great for workouts involving a large range of motion such as weightlifting and yoga.

Though spandex is not the best fabric at moisture wicking or breathability, it has other amazing benefits. It stretches up to eight times it’s usual size, allowing unrestricted and comfortable movements.

Innovative blends used by Tryb wear: 

Tryb has come up with the unique concept of using blends for their sports innerwear. 

  • Activ collection of tryb wear uses an innovative blend of Nylon and Spandex. These are woven together using 36TX technology to give it a rugged weave for durability. This is done to increase strength and stretch of the garment. Fibres in the garment have Drytek features to make it quick drying and with moisture wicking properties. 
  • The Pro collection from Trybwear, has a polyester-spandex blend. This makes the fabric lightweight, crease resistant and with Kooltech technology to enhance breathability. R-elan  fabric, one of Reliance industry’s smart fabrics, has the property to make this constructed garment one of the finest and most rugged in the innerwear niche. 

Advantages of sports underwear. 

Being an athlete or a fitness freak, you need to take care of your private area along with the care for your body. This includes wearing the correct underwear for your fitness regime.

Below are the benefits of wearing a sports underwear for men:

  • Your biggest responsibility is to take care of your private parts. Modern technology has kept this aspect into consideration and given birth to the concept of men’s sports underwear which comes into various different forms.
  • One of the most popular forms is the compression briefs which offers many benefits to fitness prone men. These are a very favourable choice not only for athletes but also for other fitness lovers. These help in relieving pain and stiffness of the muscles.
  • After certain exercises or workouts, often guys suffer from muscular pain. These compression underwears help in the recovery process. 
  • Here these underwears help by providing the right amount of compression on the muscles, eventually improving blood circulation. An improvement in blood circulation results in efficient supply of oxygen to the muscles as they work out.
  • Another benefit of sports underwear is that it is made of light materials. This helps athletes to move faster and use less energy. 
  • The fabrics used are also designed with moisture wicking properties to help athletes and active guys stay dry and comfortable throughout their fitness routine. 
  • It also helps to prevent bad odour.

Regular undies simply don’t provide the same advantages as sports underwear. Active innerwear may cost more, but it is definitely worth your usage. Sports underwear keeps your private area and parts secure. Along with better airflow, they are absorbent and comfortable for your workout purpose.

What is sports underwear ideal for? 

Sports underwear and activewear has created its own market with its special features. It provides comfort and ease during the fitness and workout activities.

It is made for those guys who are committed to a healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle. As this category of underwear is different from regular ones, it is incorporated with modern technology for delivering the best fabric, design and comfort needs of active men. Men’s sports underwear and activewear underwear goes well with the fitness life and regular habits of active guys. It synchronises with their everyday wardrobe selection and diet routines. 

Pros And Cons of Sports Underwear. 


Polyester is extremely durable, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-free. Being very lightweight and breathable, the sweat evaporates easily through the fabric, making you stay dry and irritation-free. This makes it a good option for as a gym underwear for men, or breathable underwear for working out.

But there is one big shortcoming to this fabric, as it fosters bacterial growth and holds onto odours. So you need to be very particular regarding washing your polyester underwear soon after work out, rather than crumbling it around.


Spandex is very stretchable and flexible, making it a great choice for workouts with a large range of motion. It stretches up to eight times its size and allows free and comfortable movements, making spandex underwear a good choice for yoga practitioners and weightlifters. 

But it has some shortfalls as well. It is not very good at moisture wicking and breathability properties. 

Conclusion: Why active men should go for sports underwear. 

Your workout plan can let you down if you have to pick soaked clothes off your body and skin, or they have lost their stretch or you struggle through the smell of past workouts.

There’s much more to choosing correct sports underwear than dressing up for a party. Sports garments should perform well for a satisfying workout experience. So a better knowledge for selecting an ideal men’s sports underwear is a must before you decide to buy one.

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