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How to Choose Men’s Sports Underwear From TrybWear

TRYB Mens Underwear - Testimonial

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Definition about the brand

Tryb is the best innerwear brand in India created for the fitness freaks. Originating  from the word “tribe”, it represents the needs of those people who push their abilities everyday and are passionate about fitness.

We find that people are very particular about wearing the correct clothes for the right occasion. But when it comes to innerwear, men are very lax in their choices. They tend to stick to their normal underwear. They use the same underwear for leisure as well as active workouts. 

The result is discomfort with chafing of skin, skin infections and sweaty lumpy underwear.

This is where innerwear from the Tryb brand comes in. With state of the art technology and innovative fabrics, it has upped the game for the sports innerwear industry in India. 

The fabric used is apt for fitness, sports and gym enthusiasts. It consists of a blend of nylon and spandex, with its unique composition. 

The Drytek technology is specially incorporated for its moisture-wicking properties; with the addition of 36TX rugged weave for durability and comfort stretch. The Drytek and Kooltek technologies provide anti-chafing and cooling properties, along with breathability to Tryb innerwear products. This helps in reducing chafing of the sensitive skin area making these innerwear a perfect choice for men.

Tryb is in fact, your perfect partner in your fitness oriented lifestyle. 

Different Types

Either a heavy workout or pushing to get through the anticipated milestone on your run, there’s one thing that can stop you—chafing. A very common problem seen in active boys and men. Guys need protection of their sensitive skin and support there. Breathability also is a key element required in any sportswear.

Tryb offers the best collection of sports underwear with the utilisation of modern technology to integrate the fabrics with cooling, drying and anti-chafing properties. 

Tryb has two popular sets of athletic underwear collections, depending on the type of fabric used and its utility. These two are as mentioned below:

Activ Collection

This special collection helps you to stay active throughout your fitness routine. It’s a distinct blend of spandex and nylon fabrics, with the 36TX technology of rugged weave integrated for ideal stretch and strength needs. The Drytek fibres ingrained in this collection adds sweat-wicking properties and keeps the skin moisture-free.

There are three types of underwear in this collection namely Activ- briefs, Activ- square cut and Activ-H-trunk.

Pro Collection

This collection is a good choice for daily comfort for active men. The unique blend of polyester and spandex is integrated with the special Kooltek feature for providing breathability, coolness and moisture-wicking goodness to the fabric. The compression special in this category provides the correct amount of compression to the muscles, improving the blood circulation. This means that there is efficient oxygen supply to the muscles during the workout. 

The R-Elan fabric from Reliance has enhanced its features for delivering better performance for fitness lovers.

The three types available in this collection are Pro-short boxer, Pro-square cut and Pro compression.


Tryb provides the best underwear material for working out and other fitness based activities. It integrates different unique combinations of materials for different purposes of active men.

The Activ collection in Tryb uses a special combination of spandex and nylon fabrics for comfort and cool feel. The 36TX gives stretch and strength to the fibres along with Drytek fibres which provide sweat-wicking properties keeping it moisture free. 

The Pro collection of Tryb has a blend of polyester and spandex materials. The Kooltek technology makes it cool and breathable, along with adding the moisture-wicking property to it.

The R-Elan fabric from Reliance enhances the nature of the make, giving a perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts. 

Ideal For

Tryb has created its own identity with its unique niche of products. It aims to provide comfort wear to active men and fitness freaks.

It is crafted for boys and men of all age groups who are committed to fitness and have made it a part of their everyday life.

As this segment of innerwear is different from casual and formal wear, it is constructed using the latest fabrics, designs and needs of men with a faster, stronger, and a more active routine.

This is the perfect selection for those men who are committed to fitness. Tryb wear synchronises with the lifestyle and daily habits of such strong men; harmonising with their daily wardrobe choices, their diet plans and social life.



This advanced technology provides comfortable weave to the Trybwear giving breathability to it. It is highly adjustable and gives good comfort day long.

Drytek Technology

The Drytek technology integrates the sweat-wicking property to the fibers. This leads to quick dryness, allowing the skin to stay dry, moisture-free and fresh throughout the active regime.


The materials used in Tryb collection are very lightweight, such as polyester, nylon and the innovative relan fabric.This feature allows athletes to move faster while utilising less energy. The materials used are designed to whisk moisture away from the body, helping to stay dry and comfortable throughout. It also prevents bad odour. All of these benefits make it a popular choice among athletes.


Chafing is the major concern for selection of any sportswear. The Drytek and Kooltek technologies used in this brand induce anti-chafing properties to the innerwear. This helps in preventing chafing of the sensitive skin.


This is also a basic requirement of any individual while selecting any comfort garment. The Tryb fabric doesn’t shrink even on multiple washes and this offers a comfort fit even after sustained use. This makes it a good choice for all categories of men.


All the underwear categories and products associated with Tryb have superior quality colours of the fabrics. This doesn’t allow the fabric to bleed and retain the colours as it is even after multiple washes!

Ultra soft

The fabrics and materials used under Tryb brand are of superior quality, that provides smooth touch against the skin. This gives a good feel to the skin and provides comfort the whole time during any activity or workout.

Soft waistband

The waist is the most moisture and sweat prone area during workouts. The soft material used as the waistband in Tryb innerwears, gives comfort and no irritation to the waist skin area.

Wrinkle proof

The fabric used is wrinkle-free which doesn’t allow scrunching and cause discomfort. These innerwears are wrinkle resistant and highly comfortable.


These Products are extremely lightweight and so breathable that it gives the ultimate cool-wearing experience.

Unique Fly design

The collection has horizontal fly design, giving a great look to the wearer. It also allows breathability, easy usage and sexier appearance.

No scratchy labels

There are no scratching labels attached to the products, giving great comfort without scratches.

Why is TrybWear the brand of the day for men? 

Tryb is making its mark as the best sportswear in India with its unique combination of fabric, advanced technologies for meeting better look, comfort, anti-chafing and breathability criteria of any guy passionate about fitness. 

Your private parts are very important if your body exercises regularly. This demands proper sports underwear for keeping your sensitive parts and surrounding skin area safe and secure. Sports underwear and briefs provide good airflow and proper absorbance, unlike any regular cotton undies. Also you can wear them, irrespective of the kind of sports or activity you undertake—may it be gym, a run, a sport like tennis or football, and even on a simple long walk or bike ride.

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