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Different ways TRYB underwear helps you

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Imagine this. You are out to play a weekend game of football. It’s all going great until you start feeling something horrible near your thighs. Your innerwear is chafing your skin! Using regular underwear can cause significant difficulties as you exert yourself. From rashes due to chafing to issues with comfort, there are a lot of problems that can crop up. The solution? Sports underwear. 
Specialized sports underwear came with its own issues. They were usually highly customized for a certain purpose and were not meant to be used anywhere else. In many cases, getting the right fit or a preferred color would be an issue. All of these issues made sports underwear a product for a niche section of the population. That was until TRYB was created. 
TRYB took the specialization and advanced features of sports underwear and combined them with the practicality and affordability of daily-use innerwear. The result? A unique line of products that cater to your everyday needs while also satisfying the athlete that lives deep within you.

What makes TRYB underwear stand out?

Flexibility at its core

TRYB’s products are made differently. With a deep focus on quality and functionality, our underwear is made to last. Crafted from a combination of nylon and spandex, TRYB’s innerwear makes everyday use possible while also ensuring that the fabric is flexible enough for any exertion you may put your body through.

Ruggedness that lasts

As you put your body through the rigors of daily life and exercising, it is natural that your gear also faces wear and tear. TRYBs inner wears are cut from a different cloth though. Our 36TX technology ensures that your underwear stands the test of time. Despite multiple uses and strenuous activities, TRYBs products will never fail you.

Has your safety at heart.

As we sweat it out on the field or in the gym, the risk of developing an infection or rashes increases, especially in sensitive areas of your body. Excessive sweat can also lead to chafing, causing discomfort and affecting your performance. Our products come with revolutionary innovations that prevent chafing and also make our innerwear anti-microbial. This ensures that you are protected from the pain of chafing while also keeping the bacteria at bay. No matter how much you exert yourself, how far you go, or how tired you are, TRYB always ensures you are safe.

The case for comfort

TRYB also offers unparalleled comfort. With fabric that is super-smooth and soft to the touch, the experience is luxurious. Despite the most strenuous workouts, your body will always be cocooned in the silky-smooth fabric that cares for you and moves with you. The fabric is also breathable, ensuring that sweat and odor are not locked in. TRYB underwear doesn’t wrinkle or shrink, ensuring they remain usable for a longer period of time. And, worried about having spilled something on your favorite pair? No worries, our products are stainproof as well.

Versatility everywhere

TRYB underwears come in different shapes and sizes. From briefs for those who prefer them to full-fledged trunks that act like a second skin, we have it all. The variety of sizes ensures that there is something for everyone across the board. The products are also available in different colors catering to your varied tastes. What remains the same though is the incomparable quality and comfort that TRYB offers!
But, eventually, what stands out is the aim with which the products have been built. At TRYB, we believe that each of us aspires to be something more than what our daily lives allow us to be. For some of us it could be a weekend game, for others it could be a fitness goal, or anything else. All of these aspirations have one thing in common, they require effort. Our products are purely focused on helping you in these efforts while also allowing you to attend to the more practical matters of life. Think of us like the Camaros of underwear, great on the highways while being great in the city.

How do I care for my TRYB underwear?

You have just bought your first pair of TRYB innerwear, but are confused as to how you can keep them clean and wash them. Well, here’s the answer. All you need to do is to cold-wash it in your washing machine and then tumble dry it at a low spin speed. A few things to keep in mind are to ensure that non-chlorine bleach should be used when necessary and you should iron your TRYB underwear at low heat. 
With this guide in hand, you are all set on your journey to be the perfect everyday athlete. We can’t wait to see all the exciting things you experience and achieve!

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