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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions 2023 and How to Keep Up

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New Year’s Fitness Resolutions and How To Keep Up

2023 is here and it brings with it the winds of new year’s resolutions. The saved images of 6-packs, the countless self-affirmations, and the inspiration of the first week of a new year come together to create an aura of invincibility. It feels like nothing can stop you from meeting your goals for the year.
But, slowly, reality sets in. The meetings start being scheduled a little too early, the mornings seem a little colder, and the evenings are always filled with social commitments. Slowly, the starred WhatsApp message marking your new year’s resolutions fades away into oblivion as you get on with life.
That’s the pattern life usually follows right? But, did you know that with just a few steps you can keep up with your new year’s resolutions and achieve your fitness goals? If you’re wondering how we’ve just the guide for you!

How do you stick to your fitness goals in 2023?

While a new year’s weight loss plan is a personal choice, maintaining a healthier lifestyle with a focus on fitness is important in many ways. We’ve compiled a small guide for you that focuses on sticking to the basics of developing good habits and will set you on course for a healthier 2023.

Have concrete and realistic goals!

Set a concrete milestone that you want to achieve and Keep your goals realistic to your current situation. For example, instead of saying, “I want to go for a jog today” you could try saying, “I want to jog for an hour today,” or, “I want to jog for 3 km today.” Having concrete milestones you can reach will give you a sense of accomplishment each time you cross these milestones. 
Secondly, having realistic goals is incredibly important. A scenario where you want to spend 4 hours in the gym each day working out might not be realistic if you have college or a job to go to each day. So, set goals that take into account the other responsibilities in your life.

Affirm your goals each day!

While a pep-talk by someone else is always glorified and appreciated, it is surprising how underrated pepping yourself up is. Wake up each day and tell yourself that you’ve got this. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. List out the goals you want to achieve to yourself and affirm them each day. 
This will help you constantly remember the goals while also ensuring that you have a constant track of where you stand. You also get to start your days on a positive note reaffirming all that you want to achieve!

Break down your fitness goals into smaller steps

This is an important part of sticking to your resolutions. Having an ambitious goal is important, but on the bad days, it can seem very far off. Breaking down your final goal or result into smaller tasks will make it easier for you to stick to the resolution. If your goal is to be fit enough to run a marathon by April 2023, then you could break down the resolution into multiple different tasks. The first would be to start jogging regularly. 
You could then aim to eat healthily and sleep well each day. You could then try to push yourself a little harder on the weekends. Then you could go on to jog a practice marathon on your own. Achieving these small tasks will give you a lot of satisfaction and keep you inspired till you reach your overall goal.

Keep your daily focus on the habits rather than the larger goal

While the urge to daydream about losing weight, bulking up, or finally getting those 6-packs is huge, it is more beneficial to focus on the daily habits that will lead you to that goal. Even once your fitness goals have been achieved, it is the habits that you develop on this journey that will determine how your life progresses. 
Focus on putting in effort daily, eating healthy, sleeping on time, reducing screen usage whenever possible, and much more. The daily effort you put into developing these habits will hold you in good stead in the longer run. Further, the cumulative results of sticking to these habits daily will lead you to achieve your fitness goals comfortably!

Invest in yourself and your goals

Invest your time, belief, and resources to achieve your goals! This gives you the best chance to succeed. Think of it as using fertilizers to grow the crop that you want. Fertilizers create the best possible condition and provide all the necessary nutrients for plants to grow. It works the same way with humans too.
Invest in that gym membership that you really want. Invest in good gear that will help you achieve your fitness goals. For example, while your daily driver shoes and innerwear might be able to hold up during an occasional short jog, they will not be able to complement you on your arduous journey to fitness. In terms of innerwear, investing in specialized sports innerwear (that you can also use as daily drivers) will give your body the best possible environment in which it can pursue fitness.

Believe in yourself!

2023 is just beginning and there’s a long way to go in the year. Don’t lose sight of the larger goal of living a fitter and healthier lifestyle. The path to that might be a little long, but it’s worth it, trust us! TRYB is always with you on this journey and our products are perfect for giving you and your body that extra push it needs to reach for the sky!

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