Different Types of Underwear for Men in India 2022

TRYB Mens Underwear - Types of Underwear for Men

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Different types of men’s underwear:

Choosing the right type of underwear to suit the correct activity is very important. That is because few men realize that the wrong choice of underwear can ruin a man’s entire day. 

Similarly, those who indulge in sporting activities should choose the type of sports underwear suitable for that particular sport. 


Boxers afford a lot of breathability to the user as they are loose-fitting. However, boxers offer little or no support to the private parts. They are practical because they have the fly feature which acts as an escape route. Men can opt for a tighter fit for more leg support. Many varieties and patterns in boxers are available in the market. They are great sports underwear to wear every day. Boxers can be worn well under shorts and also fitted leg sportswear. 

Boxer briefs:

Boxer briefs are a hybrid of two major sports underwear types. Men’s boxer briefs are designed to look like a tapered boxer, but with a snug fit. Sports boxer briefs remain comfortable even after a long active workout. Men’s boxer briefs can be used along with a t-shirt while doing physical activities. The length of a men’s boxer brief reaches down to midthigh and rides up well up on the waist. They can be paired well with wool, denim, or coarse fabric. 


Trunks are the most popular form of sports underwear for men. One of the reasons for this is that the trunk resembles both a sports brief as well as a boxer brief. Trunks have often been called sports boxer briefs with short legs. Their square shape makes them very comfortable and they are most preferred for swimming. They can also be worn for moderate sports activity.


Sports briefs are the most commonly used underwear for men. They are very comfortable for sporting activities as they cover the pelvic region but leave the upper thighs and the sides of the legs exposed for greater flexibility of movement. Sports briefs are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

Athletic support briefs:

For those who engage in rigorous sports activities like football, athletics, etc. there are athletic support briefs with added support technology inbuilt in the fabric. The crotch area is also well supported. The briefs hug the muscles and offer tensile strength while jumping and running.  

How to consider the fit aspect of men’s sports underwear:

Just as you choose different types of clothes for different activities; so should your choice differ regarding underwear also. Those who indulge in sports activities should also wear the proper type of underwear suitable for that activity. 

Slim men:

They should avoid wearing sports boxer shorts because they will look very baggy on them. Just like a diaper or matchsticks sticking out of a sack of fabric. Trunks will suit this body type best. So it will be better if they opt for the tighter options.

Taller guys:

Tall guys with long legs should always go for boxer briefs. These fit well and cover most of the leg length and prevent one from having a gangly look. You can always play with different colors and patterns and prints to cover your legs.

The short lads:

Sports briefs are the best bet for them as they show more of leg and give an illusion of length. Boxers or sports boxer briefs should be avoided as they make the person appear much shorter.

Advantages of buying men’s gym underwear:

While cotton boxer briefs and cotton underwear are most preferred by men as underwear in India; it is wise to opt for gym underwear made of synthetic materials like nylon, spandex, rayon, polyester, etc. Men’s sports underwear made from these materials have high moisture-wicking properties and dry quickly even after vigorous activities with a copious amount of sweating. This sweat-absorbing property of synthetic fabrics helps to keep the sensitive areas dry and prevents microbial infection and body odor. It keeps the sportsman comfortable during his sporting activity and after it.

Different brands of men’s gym underwear:

Under Armour Boxerjock:

These are the best men’s running underwear. While most men prefer not to wear any underwear while running it is best to have some added support to protect your vitals. The boxerjock by Under Armour is good because they are quick drying after a workout, they have a 3-inch length which fits under any boxers and they have a close enough fit so they don’t ride up and cause discomfiture.

Ex-Officio Men’s Boxer brief:

This men’s running underwear is quick-drying, antimicrobial, and breathable. You can even wash it in the river and it will dry off within an hour. This feature makes it very suitable for outdoor running and trail hiking.


Adidas offers some of the best styles for men’s gym and sports underwear. Their cycling trunks are soft and comfy, don’t ride up uncomfortably, and have high moisture-wicking properties.


Lululemon trunks are made for the sports of weightlifting and those activities which require a lot of jumping and turning. It has a high stretch fabric which provides ease of movement. It has moisture-wicking properties and is light and breathable.

Nike shorts:

Nike pro offers shorts that have a snug fit compression technology incorporated in its fabric. This prevents the muscles from being fatigued. Also, its sweat-absorbing fabric keeps the dampness away from sensitive skin and prevents microbial infection and bad odor.

Tryb Wear:

Tryb Wear with its eclectic range of sports men’s underwear has a style to suit every sport. Its underwear are crafted with nylon and spandex. These fabrics are chosen for their moisture-wicking properties and quick-drying technology. Drytek technology keeps you dry inside out and the 36Tx fabric has a high tensile rugged weave for extreme stretchability. The Drytek technology also prevents the formation of sweat, so that one can be odor-free and microbe-free. The sports underwear is designed in such a way that it offers a firm grip and compression to quads, glutei, and hamstring for stellar sports performance. It is woven in a special design to promote oxygenation in muscle tissue and improve blood flow for enhanced performance in athletics and other sports.


Thus we find that while buying men’s sports underwear, one should buy underwear whose style stitches fashion and functionality together. The fabric should have moisture-wicking properties to provide ease of comfort even in the most vigorous sporting activities. This will keep one microbe and odor-free. The fabric should also be highly stretchable and move with the body. At the same time, it should be woven in such a way that it offers compression to all the important interactive muscle groups. Take care to select the right kind of men’s sports underwear.

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