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Difference Between Sports Briefs And Trunks

TRYB Mens Underwear - Sports brief - Sports boxer - Trunks

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Sports briefs, boxer briefs, and Trunks, all 3 falls in the same category as men’s sports underwear. They both provide the legs with comfortable movement and flexibility with their snug fit. Because of this feature, you might get confused between boxer briefs, sports briefs, and trunks at first!

There are certain parameters that need consideration when deciding on the type of men’s sports underwear to buy. It is the fitting, type, material, usage, and finally the brand which decides the customer’s final selection. Let’s check out the differences between them if you’re looking for a more high cut or a looser fit.

What makes sports underwear, boxers and trunks different?

Sports Briefs and Sports Boxers

If your boxer briefs are troubling you by causing chafing or riding up, then sports briefs are the perfect option for you. They stay snugly in one place with their tighter fit; so you feel comfortable whether relaxing at home or exercising or gyming.


Very similar to boxer briefs underwear, trunks are for a shorter fit. These are shorter than sports briefs and their hem falls just above the widest part of the leg. So if you are short or have short legs, trunks are perfect for you. It gives comfort to your body type, streamlining your muscles. 

What kind of activities are sports briefs, sports boxers and briefs ideal for?

Sports Briefs and Sports Boxers

These are great for men with thick or muscular thighs. Breathability and comfort are the criteria required for men’s sports underwear if you’ve got muscular, heavy thighs, or a large build. This is because sports briefs are long and stretchable enough to cover the widest part of your thigh. These briefs will ensure that it stays in a place all day long.


These are ideal for lean men with slimmer thighs. With trunks, you don’t have to worry about it riding up or nasty bunching; this is because of its tight snug fit, designed for short legs. With trunks, you can move around with comfort and confidence with the underwear staying at the right place throughout!

Different Types Of Material Used For Making Sports Briefs And Trunks:


Being the most popular material, it is breathable, absorbent, and easily available. Most men prefer cotton underwear. Because of its wide quality spectrum, the price varies from one underwear to another and also differs in look, feel, and touch.

Swiss cotton

If you are in search of quality cotton, Swiss cotton underwear are a great choice. What actually matters when it comes to cotton is the staple length. Extra long-staple cotton feels softer on the skin, looks better, and lasts longer. But obviously, you need to spend more.

Cotton Blends

Cotton blends of the usual combination, 92%cotton, and 8% Lycra are quite a popular choice amongst men. Many blends also include 97% cotton with a little of some other material included. This is basically to provide more elasticity and comfort in the final product.

A 100% cotton underwear though is easy to care for, and breathable; it tends to lose shape over time. Looking for a better combination with longevity and comfort, nylon and spandex is a good blend to select! Nylon won’t stretch out and lose shape and is also moisture-wicking. Some fibers of spandex, when added, provide extra comfort and easy movements.

What are the various brands for sports briefs, boxers and trunks?


One of the most common brands, Hanes underwears has a supportive mesh pouch for comfort and ease. Its ultra-soft fabric gives a good feel to the skin. Its moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties make it an ideal choice for men at an affordable price.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the leading underwear brands and has a reigning category “Steel Micro Low Rise Trunks”, which is a customer’s favorite. It has that extra smooth and appealing nylon microfiber which makes it a top pick. It is trusted for keeping its shape and color, even after multiple washes. Its low-rise length and contoured pouch make it a favorable option for everyday comfort.


It has a wide range of sports briefs, sports boxers, and trunks for men, with affordability and modern technology elements. Its cotton-spandex material has moisture-wicking and StayNew technology (which keeps the fabric look fresh after every wash). Also, its contour pouch and low-rise keeps it in place and gives extra support, and is considered as a leader in men’s sports underwear. 


This is a fashionable brand of men’s sports underwear with 100%cotton fabric. Some sports briefs, sport boxers, and trunks in this brand are of cotton blends, with 95% Pima cotton and 5% Elastane. This is usually for adding the stretchability factor to the material. It is highly breathable and gives a cozy feel to the skin. These sports briefs, boxer brief underwear and trunks have anti-odor properties and are very durable.

Tryb Wear

This is India’s first and only men’s sports underwear brand, which incorporates fashion and functionality together. Its moisture-wicking capabilities keep you comfortable even when you are exercising or gyming. The stretchable property of its fabric eases your movements. Tryb has modern designs for professional athletes. Tryb Pro is improvised with Drytek and 36Tx technology that allows you to stay comfortable even when you sweat and stretch. It has anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes while sweating and exercising. Designed especially to promote blood flow, Tryb Wears sports briefs and boxer brief underwear also improves oxygenation of muscle tissue, helping to enhance athletic performance. 

Whatever be your activity type, there are numerous Tryb options available for you out there!

Which Is Better; Sports Briefs, Sports Boxers, Or Trunks?

Nowadays people are advised to have an active lifestyle for their physical well being. To help you in your sporting endeavors it is essential to have matching sports inner wear too! Sporty underwear should be lined with added elastic for ease of mobility. Sports briefs and trunks should preferably be made with Nylon or Spandex, which have high wicking properties to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable all day. 

So, if you want a longer fit, you are prone to chafing, you have a large build or thicker thighs, and you probably don’t want any riding up; Sports briefs are the best choice for you.

And on the other hand, if you want a shorter fit, and chafing is not an issue for you, you have a lean build or thinner thighs; also you are comfortable wearing shorts that cut high, then nothing can be a better choice than trunks for you.

 And nevertheless, your one-stop shop for all kinds of underwear needs, may it be sports briefs or trunks—the new brand Tryb is a must-try!

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