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Colour Names

Pro Colours

Black Raven

Be like the Raven. A black bird from beak to toe. It is fierce and vigorous in the defense of its property. It connotes danger and mystery and power. All the qualities considered desirable in a macho man with an active, sporty lifestyle.


Bordeaux is known as burgundy maroon or claret color. Named after the deep red wine from the Bordeaux region of France, it is a solemn color. In ancient times it was the color of Emperors. It expresses dignity, power, stability, and respect. A disciplined everyday athlete prefers this color.

Cordon bleu

Cordon bleu or Le Cordon Bleu or The Blue Ribbon has been a symbol of excellence since centuries. King Henry lll created 'The Order Of The Holy Spirit', the most exclusive order in France. Royalty and dignitaries were its members and they were awarded the 'Cross of the Holy Spirit' which hung from a blue ribbon.
This blue color came to be called the Cordon Bleu!! Active sports persons looking to excel in their field, go for this color.

Shark grey

The killer instinct!! Athletes with this mindset hone in for the gold. An essential quality during tough competitions. The grey color of the shark instills a sense of warning. Beware! We are out to win!

Tranquil sea

The guy wearing this is a cool dude, calm and unflappable in the face of the storm. This everyday athlete is prepared to face and win any challenge thrown at him. The tranquil sea holds great power in its depths.

Activ Colours

Armada marine

The deep blue of the Armada Marine has connotations of the vast power of the Armadas sailing the oceans and conquering uncharted territories. Men with active lifestyles and competitive spirits are relentless in their pursuit of a trophy.


Stable and strong, the color concrete denotes power and dependability. Qualities to look out for in strength training activities and endurance tests. The goal keepers and captains of a team have to be strong and sturdy like concrete.

Grape wine

This color is a combination of deep red and deep blue. The result is a powerful enticing color of dark grapes. Deep, intense and full bodied, it is for the planners and thinkers of the game. People with active lifestyles and those who are key players of the team, have a preference for this color.

Midnight black

A dark smoky black color with an essence of mystery and veiled power. For athletes who engage in one on one sport and who outsmart their opponents in every encounter. This is a favorite color of all power seeking sport professionals.

White smoke

An, in the face white color, bold and clean. For guys engaged in active sports, who are clear in the ethics of their chosen sport and prefer to win in a fair game. Also for those who have no hidden agendas and are outgoing and empathic.