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Boxers for Gym or Briefs For Gym

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With the wide variety of options available in men’s boxer underwear and sports briefs, anyone looking to purchase boxer or brief underwear should be aware of the difference and the pros and cons. One should buy the best boxer briefs and the best workout briefs to ensure maximum comfort while gyming or exercising. 

Difference between boxers and briefs:

If you are a slim gent or one with larger thighs or you need more room in the pouch, then you need to understand the difference between men’s boxer underwear and briefs.


Boxer underwear as the name suggests are the roomier version of men’s underwear. A boxer short is made of loose-fitting, woven fabric and leaves plenty of room for air between the body and the fabric. 


Briefs are the tinier and tighter version of men’s sports underwear. They are known by several names such as male bikinis, slips, or micro briefs. They can be either mini underpants or midi pants which cover more areas of the body.

What are the pros and cons of boxers and briefs?


Pros: Boxer underwears are the favorite for sleeping, relaxing, and letting everything hang loose.

Cons: But they offer minimal support where it matters, especially during sporting activities and have a tendency to ride up the thighs and bunch up and expose what does not need to be exposed.


Pros: Briefs have a wonderful look and feel and offer good support and containment. They are especially good while engaging in sports and other energetic activities. 

Cons: However, if they are not the correct fit they can cause chafing and burning of the skin. 

Are boxers good for the gym or brief good for the gym?

Briefs have less fabric to hinder the movements of a sportsman. It allows for free leg movement. Briefs also provide excellent support compared to a boxer. Boxers on the other hand offer more room for skin breathability and are a cooling piece of clothing, but they offer little or no support in the crotch and during sports activities, there is a need for men’s sports underwear which offers structural support. A combination or a hybrid of sports boxers and sports briefs, known as the boxer briefs has been lately innovated by the men’s underwear industry which is the perfect solution to all the active sporty male’s needs.

What are the salient features of the best workout briefs and the best sports boxers?

The best workout briefs are made of polyester or Spandex. The fabric for the best workout briefs for men should be breathable, stretchy, and have moisture-wicking properties. This will efficiently wick sweat and keep you dry and comfortable during long workouts. 

Along with the material the best workout briefs should also have seamfree stitching with flatlock seams. A smooth design reduces bulk and cuts down on chafing.

The best sports boxer briefs have a unique four-way stretch feature so that your underwear moves with you. They cover the legs up to midthigh and are less likely to ride up while working out. Polyester sports boxer briefs allow plenty of stretch in the fabric; to facilitate free movement.

Which are the major brands offering men’s sports underwear?


Jockey offers lots of choices in styles, colors, and patterns in men’s sports underwear. It is extremely stylish but at the same time pocket-friendly. It uses high-quality and durable fabric with moisture-wicking properties. It protects from infections caused due to excessive sweating and heating by the use of its anti-microbial fabric.


Hanes sports boxer briefs are very comfortable and tailored using superior quality fabrics. The fabrics used are antimicrobial to prevent body odor due to excessive sweating during workouts. Hanes is famous for its 100% cotton jersey fabric and its affordable pricing.

Van Heusen:

This brand owned by Aditya Birla Fashion and lifestyle is famous for its style and durability of fabrics. The fabric is anti-bacterial and reduces the instance of bad odor and resultant microbial infection. The innovative fabrics used, provide all-day freshness due to sweat absorbing properties. Van Heusen comes in a variety of choices in patterns, colors, and styles. So you can find the one best suited for you.


Levis is a world-class brand and gives products according to its image. Levis uses fabrics of superior quality and its designs are well researched and crafted to give maximum comfort. The fabrics have high moisture-wicking properties and this prevents several skin infections. Most of its styles come in solid colors, but now some designs are available in prints as well.


Rupa is a reputed Indian brand that caters to sportspersons of all ages, whether they are kids or veteran sportspersons, or sportsmen in their prime. Their men’s sports underwear is made of good quality, breathable cotton, and knitted stretch fabrics.

Tryb Wear:

Tryb Wear is the first brand in India to bring men’s sports underwear to the Indian market. Trbwear realized that an active healthy lifestyle is a must for optimum living in today’s world. It also realized that just as there are different clothes for different activities, there should be a different underwear style for sports. Tryb Wear products are crafted with nylon and spandex which have high moisture-wicking properties to absorb excess sweat and prevent infections and body odor. It has added elasticity to provide ease of movement. 

Fitted with Drytek and 36Tx technology to prevent sweating and at the same time offering stretch. It is specially designed to promote oxygenation of muscle tissue, offer compression of quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It increases blood flow for superior athletic performance.

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What you should look for in men’s sports boxer underwear and men’s workout briefs, should have the following criteria:

Fabric used should be breathable and stretchable.

Style should support the working muscles and protect all the essential parts.

Should have high moisture-wicking properties to absorb sweat.

The fabric should be antimicrobial to prevent infection from sweating and heating.

With all these parameters taken care of, you can go out and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle.

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