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What is the best sports underwear?  Determining the best men's sports underwear is a very subjective process, but there are a few things about sports performance underwear that most guys can agree on.  #1  A good underwear should provide support. Runners and other athletes are continuously on the move and at a great pace; they therefore need to support that area and avoid bouncing off things down there. #2  The activewear underwear needs to be comfortable. This includes the design and fabric used for the product. The design includes the cut and pattern of the underwear to avoid chafing and the breathability of the fabric. #3  The third most important criteria is the sweat-wicking properties. Modern technology integrated in the innerwears adds features like moisture absorbance to the fabric, along with the gadget pockets; which adds to the special choice preferences of today's generation. Different Types of Fabrics You need to consider two important factors while looking for best underwear material for workout clothes- Moisture control Breathability Fitting and a good feel are important too, but when it comes to exercise apparel, it is essential to consider the effects of sweat and hot air on the clothes. Let's discuss the common fabrics used for workout apparels, what they are best used

Definition about the brand Tryb is the best innerwear brand in India created for the fitness freaks. Originating  from the word “tribe”, it represents the needs of those people who push their abilities everyday and are passionate about fitness. We find that people are very particular about wearing the correct clothes for the right occasion. But when it comes to innerwear, men are very lax in their choices. They tend to stick to their normal underwear. They use the same underwear for leisure as well as active workouts.  The result is discomfort with chafing of skin, skin infections and sweaty lumpy underwear. This is where innerwear from the Tryb brand comes in. With state of the art technology and innovative fabrics, it has upped the game for the sports innerwear industry in India.  The fabric used is apt for fitness, sports and gym enthusiasts. It consists of a blend of nylon and spandex, with its unique composition.  The Drytek technology is specially incorporated for its moisture-wicking properties; with the addition of 36TX rugged weave for durability and comfort stretch. The Drytek and Kooltek technologies provide anti-chafing and cooling properties, along with breathability to Tryb innerwear products. This helps in reducing chafing of the sensitive skin area

What is exercise underwear for men?  You may have a drawer full of casual underwear, but if you are engaging in physical activity like sports or workouts then you need to have the appropriate exercise underwear. The best exercise underwear is specially made for the purpose of giving you freedom of movement, stretchability, and moisture-free comfort. Sweating is a byproduct of vigorous activity and the exercise underwear of your choice should have adequate moisture-wicking properties.  Materials used for best exercise underwear: The best exercise underwear should not stick to your skin and be breathable. It should have moisture-wicking properties and should be soft and comfy. Nylon: Nylon with its microfibre construction has a snug fit and sits softly on the skin. The moisture-wicking properties of nylon fabric will keep the skin dry and it is a healthier option as it prevents infection due to rashes and wetness. It is easy to wash and care for. It is quick-drying and great to be worn during vigorous workouts which produce copious sweating. Polyester: This laboratory-made synthetic material has half the thickness of cotton and is very thin. It is a colorfast material and the colors do not run off easily on being washed. It is strong and durable and

Different types of men's underwear: Choosing the right type of underwear to suit the correct activity is very important. That is because few men realize that the wrong choice of underwear can ruin a man's entire day.  Similarly, those who indulge in sporting activities should choose the type of sports underwear suitable for that particular sport.  Boxers: Boxers afford a lot of breathability to the user as they are loose-fitting. However, boxers offer little or no support to the private parts. They are practical because they have the fly feature which acts as an escape route. Men can opt for a tighter fit for more leg support. Many varieties and patterns in boxers are available in the market. They are great sports underwear to wear every day. Boxers can be worn well under shorts and also fitted leg sportswear.  Boxer briefs: Boxer briefs are a hybrid of two major sports underwear types. Men's boxer briefs are designed to look like a tapered boxer, but with a snug fit. Sports boxer briefs remain comfortable even after a long active workout. Men's boxer briefs can be used along with a t-shirt while doing physical activities. The length of a men's boxer brief reaches down to midthigh and rides