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A lot of us have dreams, especially in India. Some of us grew up dreaming of being a cricketer, some of us dreamt of being a football player, and so much more. But, in a country of a billion dreams, we sometimes have to pursue the most viable option in front of us. But, that hunger to achieve something more, something out of the ordinary never really dies.

TRYB is a product of this spirit that resides in each one of us. The dreamchild of two sports enthusiasts who worked in the garment manufacturing industry, TRYB addresses a glaring gap in the men’s innerwear industry.

Fitness is a way of life and it encompasses every single action you commit each day. Be it the intense training a professional athlete undergoes, or the officegoer who goes jogging each morning, fitness is a way of life. But, the different things in daily life, from your gear to your clothing may not always complement this. Leather shoes you wear to the office would definitely not hold up to your morning jog. Similarly, regular shorts and t-shirts wouldn’t cut it out for an athlete who is preparing for cut-throat competition. Two different demographics meet somewhere in the middle. But where?

That is where TRYB changes the game. We offer customized and specialized sports innerwear that ensures maximum performance and luxurious comfort. Our products are a marriage of practicality and indulgence that allows you to live your dream each day—the dream of being an everyday athlete.

Anyone can be an everyday athlete. It could be the guy who spends hours in the gym or the officegoer who makes time for an evening game of badminton. What unites them is TRYB!


  • Because it is derived from the word ‘tribe’. Signifying a group of people who push themselves each day to satisfy their passion for fitness.
  • Our innerwear is made from a fabric that is a unique blend of nylon/spandex. With Drytek technology for its moisture-wicking properties and 36TX rugged weave for stretch and durability, TRYB promises to be your partner in your fitness journey.
  • Our product addresses the key issues faced by those who push themselves harder each day in their pursuit of fitness. Our innerwear prevents chafing and rashes while remaining super dry even as you work up a sweat. TRYB’s innerwear fits you perfectly while allowing you to stretch, jump, and twist your way to a fitter future.
Come, join the TRYB.
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