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10 Best Workout Underwears in India

TRYB Mens Underwear - Workout Inner wear - Testimonial

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What are the benefits of wearing proper workout undies?

We are always so particular about our outer clothes. For daywear, we have a different set of clothes, for gym wear we prefer specially made workout clothes and for rest and relaxation we have another set of clothes. In the same way, we should be particular about our underwear for workouts too!

The best underwear to workout gives us comfort while working out due to its moisture-wicking properties which keep the workout undies dry. This prevents chafing and burning of sensitive skin and prevents microbial infections. Best underwear to workout is made of nylon and spandex and merged with elastane to give high tensile strength to the fabric and increase a 4-way stretch.

Materials used in the best underwear to workout in:

While undies made of cotton are recommended for Indian conditions, for the best workout undies the fabric used should be Spandex, Nylon, polyester, rayon, etc. These latter materials absorb sweat, they have moisture-wicking properties. The best gym underwear should not be of sagging or lacey material. Men should take care to wear gym undies of synthetic material with antimicrobial properties.


spandex is a synthetic fiber also known as Lycra or elastane. It adds stretch to gym underwear and is breathable and dries quickly. This makes it very comfortable as an activewear. 


cotton can be used after blending with spandex or other synthetic materials. This increases stretch of fabric and sweat absorption. Cotton also prevents body odor, a post workout malaise. 


Polyester is durable, lightweight and wrinkle free making it a good material for gym underwear. It repels UV rays and dries off quickly. 


For heavy workouts and copious sweating, nylon is recommended. It is moisture wicking, breathable, soft and dries in a jiffy. 


Bamboo is the latest entrant in fabrics for gym innerwear. Along with being light, soft and breathable, it repels odors, protects from UV rays and regulates body temperature. 

What are the different brands to choose from the best underwear to workout? 

Under Armour Boxerjock:

This boxerjock is specially made for running. It is close fitting for extra support and quick drying post workout. Its 3 inch length fits comfortably inside any running shorts and it’s close fit prevents it from riding up and bunching uncomfortably. It is durable with a 2 year shelf life. 

ExOfficio Men’s Boxer Brief:

If you are into outdoor running or trail running, these boxer briefs are designed to brave the elements. They are light, breathable and antimicrobial. You can wash them in a river and they will dry out within an hour. They are good for sweaty workouts. 

Adidas Men’s Trunks:

Whether you are spin cycling indoors or on a trail outside, these trunks are soft and comfy and don’t chafe and burn sensitive inner thigh skin. With their close fit they don’t ride up and their moisture wicking properties keep them dry. 

Lululemon Trunks:

When you are doing workouts with lots of stretching and jumping, these feel like a second skin with a 4 way stretch. It’s sweat absorption properties keep you cool and microbe free. 

Nike Pro Training Shorts:

These shorts offer a compression feature which grips the muscles and are snug and supportive. This prevents muscle injuries. Also the fabric of this high waisted workout underwear is moisture wicking and antimicrobial. 

Tryb Wear:

Trybwear has the perfect gym and workout underwear to suit every personality. It has the best underwear for sweaty workouts. Added elasticity woven in the fabrics of Tryb Wear offer a 4 way stretch for the usual hectic workouts of a sportsperson. Nylon and spandex crafted in the fabric help in maintaining high moisture wicking properties for quick absorption of sweat. This quick dry technique makes it comfortable for the gymmer who does sweaty workouts. It prevents microbial infection and chafing of sensitive skin. 

Tryb Wear is perfect for professional athletes. It incorporates Drytek technology for speed drying of gym underwear material. The 36Tx feature gives you maximum stretch for ease of movement. 

It firmly compresses quads, glutes and hamstrings for safety in performance. Its structure and style also promotes blood flow and improves oxygenation of muscle tissue. 

This makes it an ideal gym underwear in India. 


Just as you differentiate between sportswear and casual wear, you should also know the difference between casual men’s innerwear and men’s sports underwear. 

While buying men’s gym underwear you should always look for a blend of fashion and functionality. Several brands in India now offer underwear for sweaty workouts and you should go for them. The gym undies you choose should be woven to wick moisture to keep you sweat free even during the most vigorous sports activities. The fabric should stretch with you and never against you. 

Just as you consider and take care of your preferences and needs when buying your clothes, you should also take into consideration your workout requirements while buying your gym underwear. 

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