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10 Best Exercise Underwear For Men 2022

TRYB Mens Underwear - Exercise underwear for Men - Testimonial

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What is exercise underwear for men? 

You may have a drawer full of casual underwear, but if you are engaging in physical activity like sports or workouts then you need to have the appropriate exercise underwear. The best exercise underwear is specially made for the purpose of giving you freedom of movement, stretchability, and moisture-free comfort. Sweating is a byproduct of vigorous activity and the exercise underwear of your choice should have adequate moisture-wicking properties. 

Materials used for best exercise underwear:

The best exercise underwear should not stick to your skin and be breathable. It should have moisture-wicking properties and should be soft and comfy.


Nylon with its microfibre construction has a snug fit and sits softly on the skin. The moisture-wicking properties of nylon fabric will keep the skin dry and it is a healthier option as it prevents infection due to rashes and wetness. It is easy to wash and care for. It is quick-drying and great to be worn during vigorous workouts which produce copious sweating.


This laboratory-made synthetic material has half the thickness of cotton and is very thin. It is a colorfast material and the colors do not run off easily on being washed. It is strong and durable and wrinkle-free. It also dries off quickly on washing or when it becomes wet with sweat during vigorous workouts. 


It is a soft fabric, much like cotton, and with a higher absorption rate than nylon. Modal is a manufactured fiber. Underwear made from this fiber offers support to the wearer. It is a functional material for gym wear.


Silk is a soft, smooth fabric and gives a great luxurious feel to the skin. It has a great pull in the fabric and is good for freedom of movement during sporting activities. It is absorbent and also at the same time a bad conductor of heat which makes it a great fabric for the gym.


Spandex is considered the best material for exercise underwear. It is durable and stretches along the contours of the body in accordance with body movement, making it a great material for best exercise underwear. It is often used in blends with other fabrics like nylon and modal for giving a better fit. Spandex material does not cause irritation and is perfect for workout wear. It is stronger than rubber and is good for daily sportswear. 

Different types of sports underwear:

Just as there are different types of clothes for different activities; there are different types of underwear for different sporting activities. One should choose the right type of underwear for that particular activity for ease of working out and optimum results.

Exercise Briefs:

Briefs come in a range of rises and designs and a person can buy them according to his chosen sporting activity. While they cover a man’s package and buttocks, they don’t constrict the leg and thigh movements. They offer support where it is needed without all the hassle of the extra fabric. They come in designs of low rise, mid-rise, and high rise. The low-rise briefs are usually preferred with gym clothes. The best briefs usually have fast-drying fabrics and moisture-wicking properties.

Boxer briefs:

Boxer briefs were introduced by Calvin Klein in 1992 and have since become the rage as a preferred sports underwear. The mid-rise boxer brief is a classic cut of the boxer briefs and it extends down to the mid-thigh. Boxer briefs made of a blend of cotton and spandex are considered ideal athletic wear.  The keyhole fly is an added feature in boxer briefs. Sports boxer briefs are made with moisture-wicking fabrics and odor guards. 

Boxer shorts:

Boxer shorts are the favorite sports underwear for boxers and for those who perform in the ring. The elasticized waistband of the boxer shorts offers great freedom of movement and was worn by the US military. 


Things are the latest stylish sports underwear for men. They have a supportive pouch at the front to cover the vitals and a strap running around the back. The strap is of elastane and it gives support to the back muscles. Minimum use of fabric means a high level of freedom of movement. Men who indulge in highly volatile sports like gymnastics prefer these type of underwear. 

Seamless exercise underwear:

Seamless exercise underwear are made on circular knitting devices. They don’t employ lumpy fabric, but use yarn knitted with a circular knitting machine. The common yarn used in seamless exercise underwear is usually nylon, polyester, spandex or cotton. Once the piece has been knitted, it then goes for dyeing, thread close stitching and packaging. Men prefer seamless underwear for workouts because it does not have skin irritating seams, is highly stretchable due to it’s knit and good moisture wicking properties. 

Different brands of exercise underwear:

Rhone athletic boxer briefs:

If one undergoes high intensity training, but at the same time wants to stay cool and comfortable,  then you should go for these boxer briefs. They are made with a fabric blend that has high tensile strength and is this supportive. However they don’t give a suffocating feeling one gets while wearing spandex. 

Icebreaker Anatomica brief:

These briefs are ideal for the sport of mountain climbing and hiking. They look great, have a very supportive cut and are made from merino wool. This wool has high breathability, is very lightweight and has good antimicrobial properties. It is an odor free fabric and does not stink. 

Nike pro training shorts:

These are good for team sports like football and hockey. They have a snug fit, and supportive, high tensile strength structure. The long legs of these shorts support the muscles up to midthigh and make them stronger. 

Adidas Climalite trunks:

These are good for outdoor cycling as well as indoor spinning activities. They have high moisture wicking properties and absorb sweat. They are made of soft, comfortable, breathable fabric and their fit is such that they don’t ride up the legs while cycling and cause discomfort. 

Under Armour boxerjocks:

These innovative boxerjocks are very good for weightlifting, because they are made of a special fabric blend that affords extreme stretchability without testing. They move with the wearer when he does squats and lunges. 


This brand has several different styles of sports underwear. It uses fabric with high elasticity that moves with the wearer and can be worn for regular as well as vigorous sporting activities. Its Drytek technology keeps the fabric dry. It has high moisture wicking properties and absorbs sweat. It also incorporates 36Tx weave with high tensile rugged weave which affords extreme stretchability. It has anti odor fabric that prevents odor causing microbes. It has a tensile structure to promote blood flow to the muscles to improve oxygenation of muscle tissue. It offers support to quads, glutes and hamstrings. All this contributes to max athletic performance. 


Why you should go in for exercise underwear for sports. 

Buying and wearing appropriate exercise underwear for a particular workout activity is very essential for a stress free workout. It makes for a smooth exercise experience because these underwear are made from soft, stretchy fabrics, that are lightweight, breathable and have moisture wicking properties and absorb sweat. This prevents bacteria and yeast infection occurring in warm wet skin areas of the skin. Sports underwear are made from elastane, a supportive material to give support during vigorous activity to groups of active muscles. 

These are some of the reasons you should go in for exercise underwear for workouts. 

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